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Grillstream Classic 3 burner hybrid barbecue

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The Classic 3 Burner gives out a powerful heat from its 3 burners. And with 3 burners you get the flexibility to turn the middle burner off and create an ‘oven’ for cooking a variety of foods.

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The Grillstream Classic Gas Barbecue range may have classic good looks, but they’re not just designed to look pretty!

Grillstream Classic barbecues come with a patented Grillstream system. This is unique dual grill that captures fat and prevents flare-ups resulting in healthier food with more flavour.

All Grillstream barbecues also include a revolutionary hybrid system. This gives the convenience of gas with the option for charcoal in one barbecue.

Cook on Grillstream
Cook on a Grillstream BBQ and you can rest assured every BBQ meal you cook will be the talk of the town.

No more burnt food! No more “is it cooked, is it not?” just amazingly tasty food.

NEW Hybrid System: Decide on gas or charcoal each time you cook!

With the NEW Hybrid System Choose to cook on gas or coals – simply lift the grills to add or remove charcoal and away you go!

To cook on charcoal simply lift up the grills with our grill lifters, add the charcoal, and use the gas burners to light it up. Then turn off the burners and you’re ready to get that traditional charcoal BBQ taste.

So if you’ve got all the time in the world you can go for that slow prep traditional charcoal taste… but if you need your BBQ ready to go in an instant, or you need more flexibility and control to cook various different food then you can choose gas. The Hybrid system is the best of both worlds – change your mind each time you BBQ!

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 1150 × 1290 × 540 cm

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All dishes are served with garnish, rolls or salad depending on your meal. 

*You will have a choice of toppings or fillings which  change with the seasons, for an up to date list on what’s available please contact us.

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