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Pengethley Garden Centre is more than just a garden centre. We sell sell most things you need for your outdoor ponds and indoor aquariums, plus food and accessories you need for your family pets.

We stock a wide range of premium cat and dog food, plus bedding, toys and medicines.

Birds for sale
gold coy carp for sale
guinea pigs for sale
gold fish for sale
For Your Pets At Home
Guinea Pigs for sale and Pengethley Garden Centre

Guinea Pigs Homes & Feed

Guinea pigs make excellent pets, due to their social nature. We stock all the accessories you need to create a happy home for them.

Avery Birds

At Pengethley Garden Centre you will find a wide variety of birds including budgies, finches, cockatiels and canaries.  

We also stock bird cages, feed and a large range of accessories to help create and maintain the perfect environment for your pet bird.

Budgie climbing up the bird cage in Pengethley Garden Centre
A cockatiel for sale at Pengethley Garden Centre
Goldfish no background

Accessories For Your Tropical & Cold Water Aquariums

We sell pond liner, tanks, aquatic plants, fish food and cleaning products are also available – everything you need to keep your pond or tank clean and healthy.

goldfish face

Rabbit Hutches

At Pengethley Garden Centre have experienced staff who can help you choose the right rabbit hutch.

If you need a hutch for the garden, we stock high quality weather-proof hutches to keep your rabbit comfortable and safe. We also stock large, indoor cages.

We also stock feeders, water dispensers and good quality rabbit feed, which is available in large bags as well as smaller packs.

Rabbit sat by a pc

We Have Tortoises!

You’re buying a pet for life when purchasing a tortoise and our staff are here to make sure you make the right choice.

Our staff will be able to give you advice and tips on how to keep your tortoise happy and healthy.

We also sell supplies for other reptiles including lightbulbs, thermostats and calcium supplements.

a content cat lying on a sofa

Cat Care

Canine and feline health supplies such as shampoo, flea treatments and vitamins are also available.

Dog Care

We stock high quality dog and cat food, including treats, as well as a wide range of toys, collars and beds.

dog running in a field

Current Cat Food Brands we stock include Meowing Heads & Burgess Cat Food.

The pengethley garden centre cat food selection

Current Dog Food Brands we stock include Barking Heads & Collards Dog Food.

Pet Brands We Stock

If you would like to ask a question on what pets we offer or pet food and accessories we stock, please get in touch.

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Fish for sale at Pengethley Garden Centre


All dishes are served with garnish, rolls or salad depending on your meal. 

*You will have a choice of toppings or fillings which  change with the seasons, for an up to date list on what’s available please contact us.

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