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Vitax Sulphate of Ammonia


Sulphate of Ammonia is a quick acting, nitrogen fertiliser which encourages leafy growth.



A fast-acting nitrogen fertiliser

Sulphate of Ammonia is a quick acting, nitrogen fertiliser which encourages leafy growth.

It is especially beneficial for crops such as brassicas, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, leeks and onions.

Sulphate of Ammonia:

  • Provides a rapid boost to flowering plants, shrubs and fruits
  • Can also green up a tired lawn
  • Promotes above the ground growth and rich green foliage.

A traditional fertiliser, Sulphate of Ammonia should be applied evenly at the recommended rate and hoed into the top surface of the soil.  If the soil is dry, it should be well watered in.

Sulphate of Ammonia should not be left on leaves or stems, it should be lightly brushed off onto the surrounding growing media.

If using to brighten tired lawns, Sulphate of Ammonia can be sprinkled on the surface and wetted in. Alternatively it can be diluted and used as a liquid feed, which can be re-applied at monthly intervals between April and September.

Vitax Epsom Salts can be used in their granular form or diluted and applied as a liquid fertiliser.

Used as a base dressing, Vitax Epsom Salts should be worked into the soil. Alternatively you can dilute it with water and apply to leaves with a foliar spray or watering can.

Epsom Salts can also be added to other specialist liquid feeds.

Care must be taken when applying as a granular fertiliser to ensure no residue is left on leaves or stems.

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