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Vitax Q4 Rootmore Soluble 5x10g in box


Produces stronger more resilient plants & reduces the need for additional fertilise.


Soluble mycorrhizae to boost root size

A blend of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, seaweed and biostimulants, Q4 Rootmore Soluble has all the benefits of Q4 Rootmore, but in a soluble format.

Unlike Q4 Rootmore, Q4 Rootmore Soluble can be watered in both before and/or during establishment. It also helps improve resistance to drought and frost in those early spring months.

Q4 Rootmore Soluble:

  • Has all the benefits of powdered mycorrhizal fungi
  • Creates a healthy bioactive root zone
  • Encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth
  • Minimal requirement for additional fertiliser

Suitable for use on roses, trees, shrubs and most edible plants, Q4 Rootmore Soluble improves plant nutrition, improves disease resistance and increases beneficial soil microbes.

Results are not immediate, but evident as time passes especially during the warmer months.

Non-hazardous, Q4 Rootmore Soluble is safe to use around children and animals. Always read the label carefully before handling and store in a dry, safe area.

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