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Vitax Lawn Clear


A ready-to-use spray, Lawn Clear tackles stubborn broad-leaved weeds without harming grass

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Viax Lawn Clear tackles stubborn broad-leaved weeds without harming grass.

Apply once a year to treat plantain, creeping buttercup, white clover, common dandelion and daisy.

For best results apply during April to September when the soil is moist and the weeds are leafy and actively growing.

Vitax Lawn Clear will kill weeds present at the time of treatment, but does not prevent them from germinating or prevent the re-growth of weeds following application.

Prior to application, do not mow the area to be treated for three days. Once Lawn Clear has been applied, do not mow again for another three days.

Vitax Lawn Clear is not to be used on newly established lawns (less than a year old).

Always take care when using plant protection products.

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